Can I just turn up to shoot?

In a word, no. The Law is very specific on this. If you want to shoot a firearm in the UK you will have to apply for membership & have police checks completed on you. There is no such thing in the UK as turning up to a range and being able to hire a firearm. For membership details please visit us for a tour of our facilities and we can talk about the joining procedure.

Do you hold Open Days for non-Firearm Certificate Holders to have-a-go?

Sorry no. Only the National Rifle Association at Bisley in Surrey has dispensation from the Home Office to hold 'Open Days 'at which anyone can turn up to shoot after registering a few weeks beforehand and signing a declaration that they are not a prohibited person under the Firearms Amendment Act. We are allowed to hold Guest Days at which only friends & family of current club members can shoot club firearms under strict supervision but members of the public can only shoot by joining the club. The NRA are not holding any Open Days this year.

I want to shoot pistols, is this possible?

Sorry no, since the Dunblane murders in 1996 all modern handguns are effectively banned. All we are allowed to shoot are bolt & lever action rifles (Winchester Rifle types), semi-autoloading rifles in .22 calibre & muzzle-loading pistols. We do not allow probationary members to shoot muzzle-loading pistols as a full membership is a requirement and a safety course in muzzle-loading firearms which we hold as demand requires at the club.

I'm a member of another club, can I shoot at your range?

If you have your FAC & your membership card for your main club -no problem. As this is a facility meant for Home Office approved club members to complete competition cards when away from their main club we have a maximum of three visits to the club in any year. There is a charge to hire the range for this purpose and a club member will be assigned to act as your Range Officer.

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